Matilda started working in voice-over in 1992, doing Real Estate Shows and Auto Shows for local cable television. In 1996, the lure of voiceover led her to pack her bags and return to L.A., her birthplace and early childhood home.

She has worked in nearly every facet of the industry, and has recorded numerous local and regional spots for radio and tv around the country — as well as working with clients overseas.

Matilda is a member of the World-Voices Organization (WoVo) Inc., and is also a narrator with the Audiobook Publishers Association (APA).


Phone Patches: ISDN and Beyond             By: Matilda Novak

Today, clients often request (or expect) to be able to direct talent in sessions. Skype and even Google Hangouts can be great phone patch options. Often, clients will want to record on their end, and wish to use an ISDN connection.We’ve been told for years now that ISDN is going the way of the do-do bird….but it hasn’t.  Part of the reason this dinosaur continues to soldier on is…It’s Reliable!

But what if you live in a part of the world where it’s not available – or you just can’t afford the huge financial investment? Happily there are options.

One option is Source Connect. Source Connect (Standard) will cost you $650/ yr.  The Pro Version costs $1,395/ yr.  Source Connect Now, is a FREE version. It has broadcast quality (128 kb, equal to Source Connect) between two people.

What features make it good for professional audio?

  • High quality audio streaming
  • Low latency for interviews and radio conversations
  • Easy setup
  • Built-in recorder
  • Easy conferencing
  • Works everywhere – a great backup option that everyone should have

What features make it not so good for professional audio?

  • Accurate gain handling is not guaranteed
  • Accurate clocking is not guaranteed
  • May timestretch, making file replacement and transport locking difficult
  • Does not allow for predictable network setups
  • No way to mitigate the hazards and effects of high-latency connections
  • Cannot specify ports, thus hard to apply “QoS” tags

Another option, ipDTL offers super high quality audio (320 kb) at rates considerably more affordable than ISDN, ($15 for 24 hour day use, $50/mo., and $320/yr. subscription).   All you needs is a computer, an audio interface or USB microphone, and a solid internet connection through Chrome.  With ipDTL, ports can be specified.  Truthfully, ipDTL has amazing capabilities and is technically beyond this writer’s ability to comprehend or describe.  I know several of my colleagues in the World Voices Organization absolutely swear by it!

For those who, like myself, use Armin Hierstetter’s Munich based casting service, Bodalgo; BodalgoCall is an attractive option.  If all you desire is a phone patch, the sound quality is as good as it gets at 320 kb and connecting to anyone anywhere is as simple as sending a link.  At this point, savvy engineers can use Soundflower, the Apollo series or other hacks to record on their end.

Armin is currently working to develop the system to where more than two people could join a session (actually as many as your bandwidth allows for) and video would be an option as well.  Likewise, in the not too distant future, he’s hoping to be able to offer the possibility that everyone on the session can record, or download the session via a link.

See Armin’s article for more information.

NEWS FLASH: In the last few weeks, BodalgoCall’s backend technology has been completely redone such that it’s super robust on Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera (Safari and IE need a free plugin and will be asked to download if necessary). Also, BodalgoCall is now completely free for any member of Bodalgo — clients or talent.

The reality is that all these Internet solutions – until connection– are at the mercy of web traffic. Solutions are out there, and they’re getting better and better all the time!

Let’s have a discussion. What’s your experience with phone patches? Which do you like better and why? Use the comment section below to begin a dialogue.