Chelsea Ghasserani lives in Las Vegas and currently trains with Melissa Moats at The Voice Actors Studio. Chelsea is married has 2 children (one who is also in voice over) and owns a couch surfing greyhound.

I did it! I finally attended my first VO Conference! I was excited and nervous but knew that this event would be a game changer for me. Hello WoVO CON4-game on!

So let me start by saying that it was great meeting all my fellow VO peeps that I’ve only known as that little bubble in my twitter feed. I was a bit awestruck meeting them as I had come to respect those I followed, replied, liked, and absorbed information from. Yet it was like coming home to an old friend, every single person I met was kind, helpful, and gave of their time and talents when possible.

With a plethora of classes to choose from I proceeded to tag team with other local ladies so we could cover as many topics as possible. From Audition workouts to Career breakouts, E-learning and Marketing (my personal favorite), Google Adwords & Services (by Google Reps) to Linked In job bookings, Agent Q & A sessions and so much more…did I mention the awesome Karaoke!

As our conference wrapped up Sunday night, our fearless leaders reminded us that whether we were new to the industry or just needed a refresher all things are possible in the world of voiceover. With a lot of hard work, perseverance, talent, passion, and commitment (did I mention hard work), we can all find great success in this world of voice. All we have to do is reach out and grab it by the throat…literally!

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